Week of February 18, 2019


Dear Church family,

Sometimes when the plan doesnt come together like we think it should, we have the tendency to wonder what God might be up to concerning our well thought out schedule. When my surgery didn’t happen as originally planned back on August 2, well meaning friends consoled me with words like, “God has a reason for the delay.” I couldn’t see it then, but I can see it clearly now. While the doctor’s staff said he could do the second surgery just six weeks after the first one, that all sounded great. In reality, it would have been torture. What no one was considering, was the extreme abnormality of the bone structure in my leg. I remember my late friend, Bill Counts, often commented on my bowlegged knees while we were playing golf. I had no idea that would be such a big deal when I chose to have knee replacement surgery. On Tuesday afternoon, I still thought nothing of it because after only about four hours from the first incision being made, I was up walking on my new knee. I thought, “this is a piece of cake.” On Wednesday morning in my first real therapy session, I bent the new knee 103 degrees. I knew that was exceptional because they want you to be able to bend the knee to at least 90 degrees before going home.

Then came the bad news, the nerve block in my left thigh was about to start waking up, and I would begin experiencing a great deal of discomfort. Thats when Connie, the physicians assistant, broke the news to me of the extreme trauma and manipulation my leg had undergone in surgery to line it up perfectly so the new knee could be properly installed. Muscles, ligaments and tendons that for decades had conformed to my anatomy would have to be awakened through a great deal of stretching so they could support a perfectly straight leg. This part of the process has proven to be agonizing. It is by far the most pain I have ever experienced.

The good news is I have been promised that this is going to get better. I want to believe that. I have to believe that. Thank you for all your prayers during this recovery. The good news is that in a few months, I get to do it all again! 

-Bro. David  david@nbcjasper.net



Discipleship Training 

There is a group meeting for every age group and gender in our fellowship at this time. You are missing some great teaching and fellowship if you are not joining in with one of these groups. Check out either the ladiesgroup that meets in the Self/Ross SS room, the young moms group that meets in the Redmill/Bailey SS room, or the mens group that meets in the David Hendon SS room. There is also Bible Drill for those in grades 4-6, Bible Skills, Drills, & Thrills for those in grades 1-3 and Acteens and Challengers for the youth. All groups meet at 5:00 p.m



Youth Breakfast

Our breakfast this month will be on Wednesday, February 27. We will begin serving at 7:00 a.m., but we will have it ready a little before then if you need to come earlier. It has been a few months since we gathered together before school, so make a special effort to join us. Moms and dads are welcome to join us too.







Boston Butt Sale

Our students will begin selling Boston Butts from Sons Smokehouse on March 3 and the sale will end on March 17. The butts will be $40.00 each. That is the price stipulated by Sons. This fundraiser will help our students pay for Fuge and potentially other youth events and activities through the summer. You will receive a card that will allow you to pick up your Boston Butt any time within a three month time frame, except weekends where there is a holiday. All you have to do is call the number on the card a day ahead of when you want to pick it up. The smokehouse is open Thursday though Saturday. Thanks in advance for helping our students go to Greenville, SC, to do mission work this summer. We will also be doing some mission activities in our area throughout the summer. 

-Bro. John  john@nbcjasper.net



Many of you have had questions about our new church app, Realm, that is launching on March 3. I want to address some of those today by telling you what Realm is and what it is not.

The app that you’ll have access to was designed by ACS. It is not an app specifically designed for Northside. Thousands of churches around the country are using Realm. The framework of the app is the same for every church, but you’ll only access our church info when you login. The purpose of Realm is to help our church office with accounting and membership management, and help our church staff and church members connect more easily with one another. In many ways, Realm is like our own private church Facebook. Your groups, whether they be classes or committees, are set up so that every member of the group can communicate with one another. Only church staff members can post things for the whole church to see. Realm is an app for our church family and friends. Not just anyone can download it and join. An individual has to be invited to join through their email. That said, be sure we have your email address on file. If you and your spouse currently share an email address, I suggest considering setting up a new free email address for one of you through gmail, yahoo, etc. In order for you to have your own identity in Realm, you have to have your own email address to login. I’ll be glad to help you set that up if you need assistance.

- Bro. Shawn shawn@nbcjasper.net

February is Scholarship Emphasis Month

Our church is blessed to be able to offer scholarships to members of Northside who meet the requirements. Applications will be available in March so watch for further information. Would you consider giving to one of the three scholarships? If so, just designate that you are doing so on your contribution envelope.

The Freda Cook Memorial Scholarship
The Arthur Douglas Memorial Scholarship
The Click Jaye Honorary Scholarship


Hoops For Annie

Easter is not until April 21, but our RA boys are getting a head start!!! They will be doing a Hoops for Annie missions fundraiser again this year. They will start practicing their shooting skills on Wednesdays Feb.20 through March 3. Each Wednesday they will leave the church at 6:00 p.m. sharp and return by 7:00 p.m. Their shoot-out event will be March 13. This is being done early because the kids switch from RAs and GAs to children’s choir on April 6. Any questions should be addressed to Wes Lamon.




New Sunday School Literature

Many of you found literature in your SS rooms this past Sunday for the quarter that begins on March 3. Would you please do this for us? When you finish with your books for the current quarter this Sunday morning, February 24, please place them in the designated box closest to your SS room. We have someone who wants them. You can do that through Sunday, March 10. Do not place any literature older than the current quarter in these boxes.
Take the order form attached to your new order and evaluate your needs. Getting too many, not getting enough? Mark that sheet accordingly and turn it in with your SS attendance sheet.


Mark Your Calendars

Week of Prayer for North American Missions - 03/03-03/10

Merry Hearts Luncheon - Tuesday 03/05 10 AM

Deacons and Women on Missions Meeting - Monday 03/11 6:30 PM

People Of Praise - Tuesday 03/12 9:30 AM

Quarterly Business Meeting - Either 03/13 or 03/20 6 PM

Annie Armstong Missions Collection Day - 04/14


VIP of The Week

Louise Johnson (Mother of Rhonda Vandiver)

Lakewood Sr Living Bldg 1 - 811 20th Ste E - Jasper, AL 35501



In Memory of Carl Whisenhunt

  To the Food Closet by Frances Wilson and Wanda Pate

  To the Missions Fund by Terry and Judy Comer

  To the Merry Hearts by Bobby and Tommie Manasco


In Memory of Eva Mae Posey

  To the Missions Fund by Terry and Judy Comer

  To the Merry Hearts by Bobby and Tommie Manasco

  To the Food Closet by Wanda Pate

  To Global Hunger by Frances Wilson












MISSIONARIES OF THE MONTH: Clint & Cinthy Case - In Chile




Valley - Andrea Nuss

Sumiton Elementary - Holly Rivers


Ministry Teams

Sunday, February 24th, 2019

Kingdom Kids:

                   February 24: Kasey Wiginton, Kristi Stinson

                   March 3: Marilyn Byrd, Amy Keeton

Youth Choir Snack:       

               February 24: Delores Frazar, Holly Richardson

               March 3: Sara Harbor, Judy Lollar


         February 24: Wanda Pate, Mandy Reeves, Alice Self

         March 3: Cathy Hadaway, Kenny Horton, Barney Self

Patrol: Steve Humphries, Barry Harbor, Greg Lollar

Usher Captain: Clayton Mehearg

Membership (February):  Debra Gravlee

Sound: Dustin Bailey

Video Projection: Kasey Wiginton

Welcome Center :

      Before Sunday School: Pam Westbrook, Bobbie Brown

      Before Worship: Wes Lamon, Steve Humphries

      Front Porch Greeters: Steve and Sherrie Humphries



ETC (Extended Teaching Care)

for children Birth - Age 3

February 24, 2019

A.M. Patsy Brown, Patsy Estes, Beth Best, Rhonda Vandiver, Pat Horton, Lisa Nichols, Mark Nichols, Jennifer Rollins, Ed Sartain

P.M. Katrina Kimbrell, Jill Bailey, Sarah Waters, Pam Westbrook, Alan Hadaway


March 3, 2019

A.M.  Peggy Berry, Malinda Elliott, Kristi Stinson, Madelyn Seiberling, Emily Redmill, Kayla Hendon, Amy Keeton, Holly Rivers, Tim Elliott

P.M. Lisa Allen, Cathy Hadaway, Rick Brown, Vanesa Cook, George Cook


If you cannot serve at your assigned time, please arrange a swap with someone from another day and advise the nursery coordinator of the swap. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the preschool area.  Copies of the current schedule can also be found on the foyer table and in the preschool department. If you’d be willing to serve in ETC, please let Bro. John know. We sure could use some extra folks!



Deacons On Call:

Feb. 24 - Mar 2

Kenny Horton 205-275-4037

Glen Gravlee 205-275-1726



Weekly Budget Needs:$12,786.34

Received 2/17/2019: $8,678.00

Budget Needs YTD: $319,658.50

Rec’d YTD: $310,177.10


Offerings & Attendance Feb 17, 2019

General Fund: $8,678

Capital Fund: $10

Scholarships: $25

Missions Fund: $75

Global Hunger: $100

Food Closet: $400

Decprating: $100

Merry Hearts: $50

Attendance: 193

Contacts: 29