Week of January 21, 2019


Dear Church family,

       The PTRC Candlelight Prayer Service has been rescheduled for Monday night, January 28 at 6:00 and should conclude by 6:45. The music will be provided by J.J. Hadder. The gathering will take place in front of the courthouse. You are welcomed to bring a chair with you. Let’s have a good turnout from Northside and pray on behalf of the least of these.

       I was wondering this morning, why is it that we have such a hard time sharing with people the good news related to Jesus Christ? We don’t seem to have difficulty sharing other forms of good news. In thinking about my upcoming knee replacement surgery, I first heard of the doctor in Nashville who uses a minimally invasive technique because a friend of Chelsea’s shared with her the experience her husband had with this doctor. That man shared his experience with several other people here in Jasper who in turn had their surgeries in Nashville. There’s a saying you no doubt have heard before and that is “good news travels fast.” When it comes to the good news of the gospel, it doesn’t travel nearly as fast as it should, and that is our fault, not God’s. He has provided everything necessary for salvation. We have the mandate as well as the pleasure of being the avenue by which that good news is shared, and we just aren’t holding up our end of the task. Pray for God to give you opportunities and the courage needed to share that good news. I’m confident He will answer your prayer. - Bro. David



Discipleship Training – The ladies have started a new study using the book, Breakthrough Prayer by Jim Cymbala. Anne Davidson is leading this study. 

















The men are watching/discussing the Tony Evans series “Kingdom Disciples.” 

The young mom’s group started a new study this week on the book What Matters Most by Karen Ehman. This is a study through the book of Philippians. All groups meet at 5:00 p.m.

















Northside's Got Talent – This will be the theme for our 2019 Valentine Banquet. Tickets are on sale now through February 6. The banquet will be on Saturday, February 9, at 5:30 p.m. in the fellowship hall. The menu will be: beef tips and rice, green beans, salad, rolls, dessert, and drink. Tickets are $25 per couple or $13 for an individual. As always, proceeds from the banquet will help offset the cost of our youth going to Fuge.

Fuge Deposits – This year we will be going to North Greenville College in North Greenville SC, for Fuge. The dates are June 17 – 22. The deposti to hold a spot is $50 per person and is due by this Wednesday, January 23. The total cost for Fuge this year is $309. If you have any questions about Fuge, please contact me at your convenience. - Bro. John



       During the midst of the Christmas rush in December, I was already thinking about Easter. It’s just part of the job of a worship leader. This year Easter is on April 21. As we’ve done in years past, our adult choir will be presenting our Easter program on Palm Sunday, April 14. I say all this because I want to invite you to be a part of it. Next Wednesday, January 30, our adult choir will begin working on this year’s Easter music. If you’ve taken some time off from choir, now is the perfect time to return. If you’ve considered joining choir, but have never taken that step, now’s the time. The music this year is a mix of songs we already know and new songs I think you will find very worshipful. I hope to see you in choir on January 30 and every Wednesday night after. - Bro. Shawn



Fun - Games - Refreshments. Sponsored by our GA Girls. Wednesday, February 13 at 6 PM in the Fellowship Hall. Sign up here or in the foyer by February 10th. 



Your 2018 contribution statement is available in the church office. It is in a sealed envelope, and you must come by the office to pick yours up and sign for it. Please do not send small children to pick these up. If you do not need or want your statement, give us a call, and we will shred it rather than mail it. If you have not picked up your 2019 giving packets, they are also available in the office.



Nominations will be received through Sunday, February 3. “All church members, 9th grade and older, will be given an opportunity for nominating men for deacon. A list of those men currently serving is provided at the bottom. A person being nominated must first be asked if he is willing to serve as a deacon. All eligible men nominated, who are 21 years and older, have been Christians at least (5) five years and have been members of Northside Baptist Church for at least (3) three years will be considered. Men who previously served as a deacon at Northside Baptist Church, left the church in good standing and returned his membership back to Northside Baptist Church shall be eligible for nomination after one year (e.g. moved due to job reasons or called to serve at another church.) Having been deemed qualified by a screening committee composed of the active deacons, up to twice the number of men needed to be elected for the year (who qualify and agree to serve) will then be put on a ballot for election.”

Pray about who you will nominate. Ask that person if he is willing to serve. If he agrees, place his name on the ballot you will find on the foyer table. Fold your form one time and place it in the envelope on the secretary’s door.

 Men currently serving (and therefore uneligible for nomination) are: Rick Brown, Josh Pavlovec, Craig Hendon, James Davidson, Ed Davidson, Glen Gravlee, Emmett Green, Kenny Horton, Blake Walton, Justin Robinson, and Mike Gibson.



To the Merry Hearts in Honor of the 50th Wedding Anniversary of Barry and Sara Harbor by Frances and Scott Wilson and Julie Wilson Pittman



Dear Church family,

Thank you for the prayers, cards, visits and phone calls. Thanks for your continued prayers for us.

Bobby and Tommie Manasco



Current needs are: packets of baking mix, canned fruit and vegetables, canned soup, stew, chili, spaghetti, etc. We are also running low on cornmeal, sugar, flour and oil.


MISSIONARIES OF THE MONTH: Barry & Amy Rager / Indianapolis, IN



Maddox Intermediate: Beth Baker, Chelsea Byrd, & Sabrina Jaye

Jasper High School: Cindy Walton & Jonathan Allen



Jean Godfrey (Mother of Patsy Green & Janice Sanders)  54 Hwy 78 Loop  Jasper, AL 35501


Ministry Teams for Sunday, January 27

Kingdom Kids:

                January 27:   Rick / Patsy Brown

                February 3:   Jody / Robin Claborn

Youth Choir Snack:       

             January 27:  Wanda Pate, Amy Keeton

              February 3:  Anne Davidson, Lisa Elmore


         January 27:  Cathy Hadaway, Kenny Horton, Barney Self

         February 3:   Ed / Anne Davidson, Vanesa Cook

Patrol:   John David Frazar, Todd Turner, Dwight Allen

Usher Captain:  Kenny Horton

Membership (January):  Hilda Drummond

Video Projection:  Kasey Wiginton

Sound:  Dustin Bailey

Welcome Center

      Before Sunday School:  Marie Smith, Patsy Estes

      Before Worship:  Steve Humphries, Barney Self

      Front Porch Greeters:  David / JoAnne Hendon



January 27, 2019

A.M.  Audrey Graham, Abbie Day, Sara Harbor, Amy Keeton, Emily Redmill, JoAnne Hendon, Barry Harbor, Madelyn Seiberling, Tim Elliott

P.M.  Vanesa Cook, Cathy Hadaway, Adam Kimbrell, Judy Lollar, George Cook


February 3, 2019

A.M.  Lou Altman, Dustie Hamrick, Stormie Prestridge, Carleigh Reeves, Lori Hayes, Annsley Johnsey, Ira Hayes, Karlee Langley, Scott Hamrick

P.M.  Phyllis Barker, Debra Gravlee, Glen Gravlee, Mandy Reeves, Barney Self

If you cannot serve at your assigned time, please arrange a swap with someone from another day and advise the nursery coordinator of the swap. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the preschool area.  Copies of the current schedule can also be found on the foyer table and in the preschool department. If you’d be willing to serve in ETC, please let Bro. John know. We sure could use some extra folks!


Deacons On Call:

January 27 - February 2

Blake Walton  300-2218

Emmett Green  471-0517


Weekly Budget Needs:$12,786.34

Received 1/20/2019: $10,560.00

Budget Needs YTD: $268,513.14

Rec’d YTD: $260,571.50


Offerings & Attendance Jan 20, 2019

General Fund: $10,560

Building Fund: $50

Missions Fund: $75

Lottie Moon: $19

Global Hunger: $100

Food Closet: $125

Youth Fuge: $100

Merry Hearts: $100

Attendance: 212

Contacts: 14