Dear Northside Family,

It seems like I say this every year, I sure wish school had gone by as fast when I was in school as it seems to as an adult. With the end of the school year comes the beginning of Vacation Bible School. In less than two weeks we will be in the midst of an extraordinary week of teaching children biblical truths about our Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. Pray for our workers as they put the finishing touches on their Bible studies. Pray for the children to hear from God during the week regarding salvation. Pray for discernment on the part of those counselors who will be talking with the children who make decisions to follow Christ. Pray for the good health of everyone participating in VBS. Pray for the family members who will attend Family Night on Friday to hear the clear message of Jesus Christ and His offer of salvation.

Look around your neighborhood for some children who would benefit from a week of VBS. Talk to their parents and see if they would let their children come be part of an exciting week of learning about Jesus. I can remember as a small child riding my bicycle to a small Methodist church a mile away to attend VBS with my friend, Ricky. I still have the book the pastors wife gave me for learning the Ten Commandments and the books of the Bible. You never know what plans God might have for a child in your neighborhood.

Register your child for VBS online here.

 -Bro. David  david@nbcjasper.net


Youth & Education

Thank you – two little words that carry so much meaning. Thank you, church family, for every kind word, act, prayer offered on our behalf, and so much more. For all of you who visited with dad over these past few years, we say, “Thanks.” For all who have brought food during these past few days, we say, “Thanks.” For all of you, we say, “Thanks,” because without your support and encouragement over the past couple of years, I don’t know how we would have made it. My dad was a great man for many reasons, but mostly because he loved the Lord so fervently and influenced so many through the years to do the same. He loved the church and some of his best days were in service to his Savior through the church. Continue to pray for us as we sort through the next few weeks and months without his leadership and love. We are all so thankful to our heavenly Father Who has been guiding us and will continue to do so.

VBS Registration

We are now registering for In The Wild.VBS will be June 3 – 7, with Family night set for Friday, June 7. Teachers and decorators are already prepping for a great week. Please, take a minute and think of who you can invite to be in- volved with us for VBS this year. Pick up a registration form or register on the church website. You can register your children online here.


VBS Snack

Look for the poster in the education foyer that will give you options as to what you can purchase to help with VBS snack each day. Ms. Lou and her crew will be fixing up goodies each day for the children to enjoy. Each snack will go along with the In The Wildtheme and be matched to the study for the day. Thanks in advance for your help.


If you missed the meeting last Sunday, please come by the church office this week to pick up your packet of information. If you have a balance due, it is due by Sunday, May 26. Ministry Track cards are due by June 3 and Health/Permission forms are due by June 9. If you want Mrs. Phyllis to notarize these forms, they must be signed in her presence.

-Bro. John  john@nbcjasper.net




Three reasons to invite people to church:
1.They are likely to come. A Barna survey recently showed that 96% of the unchurched are at least somewhat likely to attend if they are invited by a friend. Make the invitation personal, and they are less likely to say no. Try this: “I’d love for you to consider visiting my church with me soon. It would mean a lot to me that you checked it out. Would you be open to coming this Sunday or next?”

2. It will give your friends an opportunity to make an informed decision about church, Jesus, and their eternity. Of course, we should all be having Gospel conversations with our lost friends. That said, your friend may think they know what Jesus and church are all about and have decided they dont want any part of it. By actually attending church and hearing the Gospel presented, theyll be even more educated so they can make a decision.

3. It will make you see our church in a whole new light, and you can share what you observe. When were church members, sometimes we wear blinders. We no longer see issues that a guest would. By inviting your friends you may get a better idea of some changes we need to make as a church family to be even more welcoming and inviting.

So, who will you invite to join you at Northside this Sunday?

- Bro. Shawn shawn@nbcjasper.net  

Children's Ministry

Have you visited our library lately? With school coming to an end, our library will be a great place to find some cool reads to help children stay occupied on hot summer days!!!

VBS invitations are available for you to use to invite children that you know. You will find them in the foyer of the education building. We want to fill this building with children who need to know about our Jesus.

Serving Others Through Giving

Mission Of Hope

Serve at the Mission of Hope with NBC on Thursday June 13 and Thursday July 11. Let Bro. John know if you can be a part. Anyone age 12 and up is welcome. 


Food Closet 


VIP of The Week

Consider sending a card of encouragement this week.

Fay Steadman (mother of Rita Wiley)

Harbor Chase of Jasper

2100 Viking Drive

Jasper, AL 35501

The church office will be closed on Monday, May 27, in honor of the Memorial Day holiday. Have a safe and restful day.

As of May 20 the fellowship hall is reserved for VBS decorations and preparations until VBS concludes on June 7. Merry Hearts meeting will be delayed until June 11. Thanks for your understanding.


NBC Family



Dear Church Family,
We cannot thank you enough for all the prayers, food, cards and visits dur- ing my recent surgery and continuing recovery. All of you are special to us. We love our church family.

Debra and Glen Gravlee



We express our love and sympathy to:

The family of Mr. Royden E. “Click” Jaye


Nora Estill in the death of her brother, Frankie Lane


Brendan Dix in the death of his grandfather, Billy Kilgore. Mr. Kilgore is also the uncle of Leann Rosser.


Adam Kimbrell in the death of his relative, Samuel Bean


To Kenny Horton in the death of his aunt, Glennelle Buckner


Ed Davidson in the death of his mother, Mary Ann Davidson


Memorials Given

In Memory of Mr. Click Jaye - To the NBC Student Ministry by Bob Nolen

In Memory of Louise Dover - To the Annie Armstrong Easter Offering by Patty Kirkley


Pray For



Nate and Aimee Friedrichsen

Church Planters in Cleveland, Ohio


Schools Of The Month 


May Teachers of the Month: Our Homeschool Moms

Jill Bailey, Angie Green, Brandy George, Brandi Lamon, Tabitha Langley, Evelyn Robinson

(If you are an NBC member and fit into this group, and we do not have your name listed, please let us know. Thanks so much!) 

Serving Together 


Ministry Teams for Sunday, May 26, 2019

Kingdom Kids:
May 26: Josh / Christy Pavlovec

June 2: Jason / Kendra Brown, Donna Day Youth Choir Snack:

May 26: Holly Rivers, Anne O’Neal

June 2: Beckie Sartain, Lori Hayes Patrol: Josh Pavlovec, Kenny Horton, Tim Ferguson Usher Captain: Tim Elliott
(May): Kristi Stinson
Sound: Bob Seiberling
Video Projection:
a.m. / p.m. Kasey Wiginton

Welcome Center

Before Sunday School: Barry / Sara Harbor

Before Worship: Barry Harbor, Steve Humphries

Front Porch Greeters: Terrell / Stephanie Martin


ETC (for children birth - age 3)

May 26, 2019
Patsy Brown, June Smith, Linda Smith, Sandra Williams, Amanda Drummond, Carleigh Reeves, Ed Sartain, Kortnee Langley, George Cook
P.M. Charlene Bishop, Judy Lollar, Jason Brown, Donna Kilgore, Justin Robinson

June 2, 2019 (will be printed in Sunday’s bulletin)

If you cannot serve at your assigned time, please arrange a swap with someone from another day and advise the nursery coordinator of the swap. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the preschool area. Copies of the current schedule can also be found on the foyer table and in the preschool de- partment. If you’d be willing to serve in ETC, please let Bro. John know. We sure could use some extra folks!

Deacon On Call:

May 26-June 1

Emmett Green: (205) 471-0517



Weekly Budget Needs $12,786.34

Received 5/19/2019 $10,955.00

Budget Needs YTD $485,880.92

Recd YTD $474,590.00


Offerings & Attendance May 19, 2019

General Fund            $10,955

Capital Fund             $225

Missions Fund           $375

Annie Armstrong       $100

Assoc. Missions         $40

Food Closet               $225

Youth Ministry           $50

Attendance: 226

Contacts: 2