Dear Northside Family,

We will be dedicating two children to the Lord this Sunday morning. They are: Jax Hopper and John Rivers. While these parents will be making a commitment to Almighty God to provide spiritual training and nourishment for their children, we as a church will also be making a commitment to these two families that we will complement the parents’ training by offering spiritual teaching through the church’s programs. It really does take a village to provide all the spiritual instruction these precious little ones will need to help them reach spiritual maturity. Among other things, that means when the call goes out for volunteers in the classrooms and in the nursery that we will step up and offer to be a part of the village that’s necessary for the spiritual upbringing of these children.



This Mother’s Day is going to be a different one for me. It will be the first one that my mother doesn’t recognize me or any of my siblings. It is true that when one loses a parent to Alzheimer’s, he essentially loses that parent twice. For all practical purposes, we have lost my mother. Oh, she is still alive, but she has no concept of where she is or who her own family is. It is a sad existence indeed. But with the sadness there are many happy memories of days gone by, days of sacrifice by my mother and father so their children could be provided the necessities of life. I’m thankful that the bondage my mother is in right now will one day lose its grip on her. And that’s true only because our Savior paid our sin debt and conquered the grave so that we might enjoy life eternal.

 -Bro. David  david@nbcjasper.net


Youth & Education


Graduate Recognition 

Our annual Graduate Recognition Service will be held on May 19. All graduates and parents should have received a letter from me about this service. If you are graduating from high school and have not received a letter, please contact me ASAP. There is a deadline concerning the number of family members who will be here for breakfast that morning. If you have any questions, please contact me.


VBS Registration

We are now registering for “In The Wild.” VBS will be June 3 - 7, with Family Night set for Friday, June 7. Teachers and decorators are already prepping for a great week. Please take a minute and think of who you can invite to be involved with us for VBS this year. We will have classes for children who are just finishing Pre-K this year up through those completing 5th grade. You can register your children online here.


VBS Snack

Look for a poster in the next week or so that will give you options as to what you can purchase to help with VBS snack each day. Ms. Lou and her crew will be fixing up goodies each day for the children to enjoy. Each snack will go along with the “In the Wild” theme and be matched to the study for the day. Thanks in advance for your help.

VBS Decorating

There will be a special work time for helping with VBS decorations on Sunday, May 19, from 2:00 p.m. until 4:00 p.m. This will take place in the fellowship hall. Some painting and cutting will be involved, so bring your brushes and scissors.







There will be an important meeting concerning Fuge following the morning worship service on May 19. Track time cards will be handed out, and Fuge balances will be available. All balances must be paid by Sunday, May 26, in order for us to be paid up on time and not incur a penalty.

-Bro. John  john@nbcjasper.net



My article today is only for two groups of people. First, to all mothers, Mother’s Day is usually our second highest attended Sunday of the year. You have a great opportunity this Sunday to get your whole family in church with you if they do not usually attend. I’m not telling you to guilt them into coming just because it’s Mother’s Day, but I’m not saying not to either.  The second group I have a message for is everyone else. This Sunday, we have the potential to have many guests in our worship service with us. Make the most of this opportunity by greeting those guests before the service starts. Typically, everyone leaves the building quickly after church to get to lunch with mom, so your best opportunity to make someone feel welcomed will be before the service. We might have many guests here who usually attend another church, but there’s a good chance we may also have guests who only come to church with their mom on Mother’s Day. Let’s show them just how loving our church is and invite them to join us again the next Sunday.

- Bro. Shawn shawn@nbcjasper.net  

Children's Ministry

Sunday 9:30am - 10am

Serving Others Through Giving

Food Closet 


VIP of The Week

Consider sending a card of encouragement this week.

VIP of the Week

Mac Lay (brother of Paul Lay)

Ridgeview Health Care / 903 11th St. NE / Jasper, AL 35504



Beckie Sartain is in need of some folks, men or ladies, with jigsaws in hand to cut out some VBS animal decorations from cardboard. Got any artistic abilities? She will also need some painters to paint these cutouts, and she has a tutorial to help with that. If you can help, please see Beckie or Kasey Wiginton.



Mark Your Calendars

Sunday May 12 - Mother's Day, Baby Dedication in morning service. No evening activities.

Monday May 13 - Deacons Meeting and WOM Meeting

Tuesday May 14 - People of Praise singing in nursing homes. Meet at church at 9:30 a.m.

Sunday May 19 - Graduate Recognition Sunday

NBC Family



Tiffany Jones and Preston Taylor who were united in Marriage on Tuesday, May 7, 2019.


We express our love and sympathy to the family of Mrs. Louise Dover. Mrs. Dover went to her eternal home on Sunday, May 5, 2019.

Memorials Given

In Memory of Bonnie Palmer to the Children's Department


Pray For



Nate and Aimee Friedrichsen

Church Planters in Cleveland, Ohio


Schools Of The Month 


May Teachers of the Month: Our Homeschool Moms

Jill Bailey, Angie Green, Brandy George, Brandi Lamon, Tabitha Langley, Evelyn Robinson

(If you are an NBC member and fit into this group, and we do not have your name listed, please let us know. Thanks so much!) 

Serving Together 

Ministry Teams for Sunday, May 12, 2019

Kingdom Kids:

                May 12: Dorma Green, Cathy Hadaway

                May 19: Kim Johnsey, Evelyn Robinson

Youth Choir Snack:         

                  May 12: No youth choir today!

                  May 19: Marilyn Byrd, Debra Burton

Patrol: Ed Sartain, Andy Patton, Chuck Cordell

Usher Captain: Kenny Horton

Membership (May): Kristi Stinson

Sound: Bob Seiberling

Video Projection: a.m. Chelsea Byrd     p.m. Ginger Seiberling

Welcome Center 

      Before Sunday School: Mary Johnsey, Doris Ferguson

      Before Worship: Dwight Allen, George Hopper

      Front Porch Greeters: Steve and Sherrie Humphries



ETC (for children birth - age 3)

May 12, 2019

A.M. Dustie Hamrick, Melanie Turner, Lisa Elmore, Brandy Robinson, Alice Self, Gena Dodd, Todd Turner, Annsley Johnsey, Scott Hamrick

P.M.  No evening service today!!!

May 19, 2019

A.M. Becky Sharpton, Vanesa Cook, Beth Best, Rhonda Vandiver, Andrea Nuss, Sherri Sartain, Erick Rivers, Susan Rolley, Blake Walton

P.M. Kim Johnsey, Lauren Byrd, Kristina Hadaway, Rick Brown, Adam Kimbrell

 If you cannot serve at your assigned time, please arrange a swap with someone from another day and advise the nursery coordinator of the swap. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the preschool area.  Copies of the current schedule can also be found on the foyer table and in the preschool department. If you’d be willing to serve in ETC, please let Bro. John know. We sure could use some extra folks!



Deacons On Call:

May 12-18

Glen Gravlee: (205) 275-1726

Kenny Horton: (205) 275-4037




Weekly Budget Needs $12,786.34

Received 5/05/2019:  $16,914.00

Budget Needs YTD $460,308.24

Rec’d YTD $453,186.10


Offerings & Attendance May 5, 2019

General Fund: $16,914

Capital Fund: $1035

Building Fund: $40

Missions Fund: $195 

Annie Armstrong: $10

Assoc. Missions: $10

Scholarships: $50

Children's Dept: $30

Fuge: $250

Attendance: 189

Contacts: 38