Newsletter for Week of July 15, 2019


In our business meeting on Sunday night July 14, the Northside church family agreed to enter into a season of prayer for our church. We are united in our search for vision and clear direction from God regarding how to be the individuals and church He wants us to be.



Dear Northside Family,

It was good to be back with you in worship this past Sunday. I was in quite a bit of distress as far as the discomfort was concerned. All I could think about was, I sure hope I feel a lot better than this in two weeks when I’m back in the pulpit. In my experience with this type surgery it is amazing how much better you start to feel each day once you turn that corner. Believe me, I am looking forward to turning that corner. I was told by someone the day before my surgery at the hospital that no two knee surgeries are alike. I didn’t really believe that on that day, but I surely do now. I guess they are like having two children who are very different in many ways. These two experiences have had some similarities, but they have also had their share of dissimilarities as well. The surgeon must have seen that this one was a lot less complicated because he only ordered four weeks of therapy as opposed to the eight weeks he ordered last time. If you don’t think that is not cause for celebration, then you obviously haven’t ever been through this ordeal.

     In life and in ministry, it seems that the many experiences we have can help us as we deal with similar experiences. Unfortunately, no two experiences are ever just alike, so we have to learn how to treat each situation differently to arrive at a satisfactory destination.

     This Sunday our guest speaker for the A.M. service will be Dr. Rod Marshall, executive director for the Alabama Baptist Children’s Home & Family Ministries.


In the P.M. service, our Honduras mission team will share about their recent mission trip.


 -Bro. David


Youth & Education

Back to School Retreat

August - 4 at Whitewater Express Adventure Camp near Copperhill, TN. The cost is $160 per person, and though the deadline to pay has passed, there is still a possibility for you to get in on the fun. Let Bro. Shawn know by Wednesday, July 24. We have already sent the payment, but we can add people. Friends are welcome to join us, especially if they aren’t going to church somewhere. There is a Saturday afternoon white water rafting experience included in this price for those 12 and older. Those who are not yet 12 will enjoy a guided horseback ride around the property at the camp. This will be a different kind of BTSR, but there are many fun, adventurous things to do at the camp. We will have a special closing service on Saturday evening on top of the highest peak around. It’s not the beach, but it promises to offer some great times of fun, fellowship, worship, and growth as we study God’s Word together.

BTS Retreat Meeting

There will be a meeting for parents and participants of the Back to School Retreat following the morning service Sunday, July 28. This will be an important time of getting information for the trip. If you know in advance that you can’t be there, please see me by Wednesday, July 17.

Swim SNAC –

Sunday, August 11, following evening worship, we will go to the Langley/Cordes home for a swimming party. There will be food involved, so bring a friend and join in the fun. We will swim a couple of hours and then head back to the church.

 -Bro. John

Music & Outreach

A month ago I warned you that this was coming. The challenge I have for you this week is to invite someone to visit your Sunday School group. We have many people on our group rosters who never attend a meeting. Go after them! We also have approximately 40 people who worship with us weekly, but do not attend any small groups. Go after them too! Why? You should go after them because you know how great being a part of a small group can be. Jesus and His disciples modeled the advantages of small groups for us. They discussed Scripture together. They encouraged one another. They served others together. These are some of the things a small group does. If you are not currently attending a small group on Sunday mornings, I encourage you to try one out this Sunday. Then maybe try a different group the next Sunday. Find one that fits you and where you fit in well. Once you find one you like, then it’s your turn to go after those who aren’t a part of a group and invite them too. As we all pray for God’s direction for us as individuals, and as a church, lets remember some of the things the early church in Acts did when they experienced supernatural growth. They devoted themselves to the apostles’ teaching (Bible study), and to fellowship, to the breaking of bread, and to prayer.  Those all sound like small group activities to me. What’s going to be your excuse for not visiting a group this Sunday?

The following was not in our mailed newsletter. I am adding this part as I prepare the online version on Tuesday morning July 16. I just have to say this....  I received a message yesterday from someone I graduated high school with way back in 1993. She was messaging me with some very sad news. One of our classmates took his own life on Monday. In high school he was our football team's quarterback. He was very popular. He seemed to have it all. On Monday, none of that mattered.

I'm embarrassed to say that I do not know anything about his relationship with Jesus. We weren't close friends, but we were friendly when our paths crossed. I saw him every day in high school. I never took the time to ask him about his faith or to talk to him about mine. In recent years we had even connected on facebook. Still, I never even considered having a conversation with him about Jesus. I could have easily messaged him any day, but I didn't. It hurts to admit that.

Studies show that the majority of Christians in the US have become incredibly apathetic about sharing the Gospel. A recent Lifeway survey of 2,500 Christians showed that over 50% of those surveyed had not shared their faith in the past year. 25% had only done it once or twice.



The souls of our friends and family depend on it.

Please pray for the Blake family. Especially for a teenage son left behind who has more questions than answers this morning.

(Also, If you ever feel you're nearing the end of your rope, please call me or call 1-800-273-TALK (8255) whenever you need someone to talk to.)

Love y'all

- Bro. Shawn 

NBC Kids

Barons Faith Night - 

Barons Faith Night: Friday, July 19th at 7:05 @ Regions field with fireworks to follow. There is a sign up list in the foyer. Or email us here. The cost for general admission lawn is $10 per ticket, $5 per ticket if we have a group 20 or over. Bring a blanket to sit on the outfield lawn. Traveling by bus or van depending on what's needed. Leaving the church at 5:30pm


June 30 - July 31

Serving Others 

Food Closet Needs - Saltine crackers, canned corn and beans (not pork and beans)

Teachers /School Support Personnel Prayer Partners - 

Summer vacation is quickly coming to an end and school will be starting very soon! If you are an NBC member or regular attendee and would like to have a prayer partner for the upcoming school year, we would love to know that. This also includes our NBC moms who homeschool. There will be a list on the foyer table when teachers can sign on the left and those willing to be prayer partners can sign on the right. Prayer Partners will be assigned after school begins and we feel like those who wish to participate have signed up.


New Church Year

The new church year will begin on Sunday, September 1. That means it’s time to work on the budget and get all the committee reports ready for printing. If you are a department head, or have responsibility for a line item in the budget, the deadline for those requests to be submitted will be Sunday, August 11. Reports that need to be printed must be in the office by Sunday, August 18. Report changes after that date can be made at the called business meeting which will be held on August 21. Thanks in advance for your help.

Will you Drive?

We have a real need for additional men or women who are willing to drive our big bus. In order to drive it a person must have a CDL driver’s license. There is a manual here in the office that can be borrowed to study for this test. If you are an NBC member and would be willing, please talk to Bro. Shawn or Bro. John. Your help would be much appreciated.

Now Hiring 

Annsley Johnsey has been so faithful in working in our preschool on Wednesday during adult choir rehearsal. She will be going to college in August and we will need to replace her. Applicants for this position must be at least 16 years of age and an NBC member. In addition, we need a substitute for the same position. Applications are available in the church office. 

Deacon Election

Sunday morning, August 4. The following two names will be on the ballot for your consideration:

Dustin Bailey, David Hendon


Important Dates:

Friday July 19 - Barons Faith Night

Friday July 26 - NBC Kids Family Bowling

Wednesday July 31 - NBC Kids Movie Morning

Wednesday July 31 - Summer Reading Program Ends

Sunday August 4 - Deacon Election

Tuesday August 6 - NBC Kids - Back To School Bash @ The Brown's.

Sunday August 11 - NBC Youth - SNAC at Langley's

Sunday August 11 - Budget Requests Due

NBC Family


Thank you for your generous monetary donation designated for the purchase of school backpacks we are going to be giving away. Thanks to Bro. John Jaye for his timely message and all the NBC folks who transported groceries for our clients on July 11. We are so thankful for all who came and volunteered their willing hands and hearts to the ministry of the Mission of Hope. Blessings to the Northside family  -   Lori Abercrombie, MOH Director                                              

VIP Of The Week

Mrs. Jean Godfrey  (mother of Patsy Green and Janice Sanders)

54 Highway 78 Loop / Jasper, AL 35501

Pray For



Mike and Kelly Rhodes working with the Hmong people in Southeast Asia

Serving Together


Ministry Teams for Sunday July 21, 2019  

Kingdom Kids:

               July 21:  Barney / Alice Self, Andrea Nuss

               July 28: Rick / Patsy Brown, Donna Day

Youth Choir Snack:         

                July 21:  Judy Comer, Donna Kilgore

                July 28: TBD

Patrol: Justin Robinson, Howard Allred, Bobby Hand

Usher Captain: Josh Pavlovec

Membership (July): Alice Self

Sound: Dustin Bailey

Video Projection:   Kristi Stinson 

Welcome Center 

      Before Sunday: Barry / Sara Harbor

      Before Worship: Barry Harbor, Steve Humphries

      Front Porch Greeters: Steve / Sherrie Humphries


ETC (for children birth - age 3)

July 21, 2019

A.M. Malinda Elliott, Abbie Day, Chelsea Byrd, Tracy Ferguson, Amy Keeton, Madelyn Seiberling, Sara Harbor, Noah Ferguson, Barry Harbor

P.M. Judy Lollar, Pam Westbrook, Alan Hadaway, Wanda Pate, Justin Robinson

July 28, 2019

A.M. Dorma Green, Sabrina Jaye, JoAnne Hendon, Stormie Prestridge, Heather Jaye, Karlee Langley, Kayla Hendon, Brandy Robinson, Jimmy Green

P.M. Lisa Allen, Jill Bailey, Delores Frazar, Beckie Sartain , Wes Lamon

If you cannot serve at your assigned time, please arrange a swap with someone from another day and advise the nursery coordinator of the swap. A schedule is posted on the bulletin board in the preschool area. Copies of the current schedule can also be found on the foyer table and in the preschool department. If you’d be willing to serve in ETC, please let Bro. John know. We sure could use some extra folks!


Deacons On Call:

July 21-27

Justin Robinson  (205) 544-9982

Josh Pavlovec  (205) 541-9668



Weekly Budget Needs $12,786.34

Received 7/14/2019 $9,606.00

Budget Needs YTD $588,171.64

Recd YTD $573,013.01


Offerings & Attendance June 30, 2019

General Fund       $9,250

Capital Fund        $50

Missions Fund     $175


Attendance: 203

Contacts: 22